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  • The merging of electronic and physical security has seen a rapid development over the past 10 years that has seen the introduction of complete Electronic Security Surveillance (CCTV with DVR and connectivity to the internet), home PC’s converted to automated alarm systems (movement detection, email & SMS notification, video YouTube uploads etc.) and portable/wireless alarm systems just to mention a few.  

    These systems may work well for private use as they draw upon their owners minimal ongoing costs, however could the same approach be taken by small or large business? Is the most crucial consideration for any business’s physical security cost based? or can an effective electronic security alternative provide the same level of protection.

    The first step perhaps in answering this question, and in short is assessing the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the business. Armed with this knowledge electing how to better manage the risks through prevention (physical and electronic countermeasures), acceptance (the wait and see approach) or transference (subcontracting activities that provides warranties, insurance policies etc.) is key to the success of any overall layered protection plan.

    At Corporate Shadows, we understand the necessity of protecting profits, people and physical assets through effective cost & benefits analysis. We look at how the potential losses of a business can be balanced against the costs associated with preventing said losses. There is no one silver bullet when it comes to providing total protection however a blended approach between both physical and electronic counter measures can ensure the smooth running of the business through asset and profit management.

  • One of the most important considerations for any licenced Security Risk Advisor therefor is whether they can identify & provide a total service, with the most critical vulnerabilities being addressed in the short term that is cost effective and on par with their client’s actual needs. They can then work towards ensuring financial gains that in turn will allow for minimal delay in implementing any other outstanding recommendations to ensure a complete and reliable security solution. For us, it’s all about protecting the smooth running of our client’s business and offering our customers more. To achieve this, we only recommend the services of suitably qualified & independent (of Corporate Shadows) licenced Security Advisor's who's businesses are fully insured that upon review, can recommend (but not limited to) the following services to their clients:

    CCTV and Alarm Installation: We only recommend licenced (independent) technicians in the installation of alarms and CCTV systems in accordance with our legal and Victoria Police (Licencing & Regulatory Divisions) requirements. These independent technicians offer full warranties on their work that are consistent with consumer laws. To guarantee peace of mind, we only recommend installers with a range of modern, reliable and quality equipment such as BOSCH, Siemens and Permaconn to suit most budgets and they will strive to deliver their services on time. 

    Alarm Monitoring: We only recommend the use of ASIAL A1 Grade Monitoring Centres to provide you with their independent services and they typically offer alarm monitoring rates at competitive prices. Included in their service is free software upgrades for existing installations and on site telephone assistance with faults as part of their service. In addition, where power outages affect the back to base reporting capacity of an alarm system, or an alarm activation occurs, the Monitoring Centre can utilise our mobile security patrols to assist them in providing their services.   

    Electronic Security Surveillance (ESS): The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) means that the system is a closed circuit and is intended for internal use only by a business to monitor their premises. An Electronic Security Surveillance (ESS) system in contrast is a system that comprises of the CCTV cameras, monitors, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), computers and connectivity that go beyond the monitor in the traditional sense and now provide remote access via mobile and desk top devices. These devices can now be deployed within an ESS system and form part of the business’s security systems. Corporate Shadows can recommend suitably qualified technicians and installers who will come to you and provide no obligation quotes on achieving the best possible ESS system that offers security for authorised business personnel 24-hour access to the system, allowing for improved dispatching of police and/or mobile security patrol services.

    Access Control Systems: can be installed that suits the current needs of a business with the capacity to expand with the business through scalable technologies. With the potential removal for the need of keys, employees, contractors or visitors can affectively be assigned or denied access to any or all parts of the premises. The advantages of Access Control Systems don’t stop there, with the potential to better manage emergencies with site lockdowns and reinforcement of evacuation procedures to event logging, access violations and escalation of alarm security violations.  Our licenced Security Advisors can come to you and assess the varying advantages access control can bring to your business as part of an overall security layering approach. 

    CCTV and ESS maintenance: As part of our ongoing support to your business, we can combine our first aid kit servicing with camera maintenance schedule which would include:

    • The removal of cob webs and accumulated dirt on camera lenses and adjacent hoardings, structures etc.
    • Review CCTV captures to ensure the best possible camera angles and quality images are provided,
    • Ensure the use of the area covered by the camera is still relevant to the original intended security arrangements, and
    • Report any potential damage and/or wear and tear on equipment to you so that your licenced technician can attend and resolve in order to prevent equipment failure.

    GPS Installations and Tracking: Corporate Shadows can recommend and arrange for the installation of GPS tracking equipment in both private and commercial fleet vehicles by an independent and suitably qualified technician. We only recommend dedicated qualified electrical fitters that offer full warranties on their work that is consistent with consumer law.  

    An advantage that GPS tracking provides is the potential support from our mobile security patrols in the locating of vehicles or tracked assets and most importantly, provide welfare checks on individuals that may be at risk at the request of our clients.

    Where necessary, police involvement will be sought in the first instance and real time GPS tracking data can be provided to VKC (VICPOL radio operations) to assist police in intercepting the tracked vehicle. Warning stickers will be provided by the technician with every installation to provide an additional deterrent to would be thieves.