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    In any business, cash management is still a central focus that comes with inherent security risks.  Corporate Shadows can be trusted to assist in this area of your business and are intention is to provide our clients with a total layered solution to their security needs. Whether it be alarm installation & monitoring undertaken by an independent licenced business, Emergency Response Training (ERT) for staff to static guarding and mobile patrolling. Our focus is providing support to our clients ongoing commitment to the smooth running of their business. As part of our services we can provide the following, but not limited to:


    • Site specific customised solutions for your cash management needs specific to your operational and geographical requirements,
    • The collection and transfer of currency to a nominated banking institution for same day processing of low volumes of cash & valuables,
    • Essential risk assessments on currency movements daily to ensure our staff and valuables is collected and transferred safely for further processing,
    • Flexibility in response to assessments with one (1) or two (2) person crews and/or surveillance teams deployed dependent upon the current climate (crime) and risks associated with that location,
    • Tracking & related technologies employed as an additional layer of security to our unmarked soft skin vehicles and plain clothed (armed) guard practices, 
    • Accurate reporting procedures in place for AUSTRAC & client requirements
    • 24/7 On-line ordering of notes and coin,


    The benefits of utilising Corporate Shadows for your cash management:

    • Our business is comprehensively insured for all of our security functions that includes our cash management services. As part of our responsibilities, we will never exceed our nominated cash-in-transit insurance limits,
    • Our security personnel are fully trained, licenced and equipped to undertake such activities,
    • Unmarked soft skin vehicles and plain clothed armed guards utilised to reduce our risk profile by mitigating the likelihood of collection patterns and prediction analysis by experienced criminals that can lead to an attempted armed robbery on the business prior to our arrival. Fully marked armoured vehicles unfortunately can aid criminals in the above mentioned analysis.
    • Associated risks to our client’s staff and at times their customers and surrounding community are reduced if not eliminated during the cash transfer process, and
    • Manual handling of heavy coin or cash boxes is also mitigated through careful planning and utilisation of equipment fit for purpose.

    Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) is a Commonwealth Government intelligence agency set up to combat such activities as tax evasion, welfare fraud through to money laundering, organised crime, and terrorism.  Corporate Shadows complies with the stringent requirements of AUSTRAC and in particular the reporting of financial services rendered e.g. bank cash transactions of notes and coins of A$10,000 or more. As part of our mandate, Corporate Shadows will always work towards supporting law enforcement and regulatory agencies in our responsibility for reducing the occurrence of international money laundering and terrorism.

  • ATM guarding  

    Corporate Shadows can also provide armed guard escort services to Banks and related financial institutions throughout the cash replenishment and servicing/fault correction process.  Were required, we can also respond to on-site ATM alarms and manage security breaches as they arise. These breaches may involve the detection of cash or card traps, skimming devices and/or PIN pad overlays. All alarm responses will generate a reporting process to our clients and where security breaches are detected, static guarding and protection of customer and client assets and personnel information, and police reporting and assistance. 

  • If you are interested in learning more about our advertised services or our capacity to handle your specific needs, please contact us for a no obligation quote you can or send an email on the link below and one of our experienced staff members will be happy to assist. 

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