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  • Corporate Shadows Pty Ltd (Corporate Shadows) has been working successfully within the Victorian security industry since it was established in January 1989.  For the first 20 years Corporate Shadows, founded by Mr Allan Hamilton has operated as a family run company. Mr Hamilton, with 14 years Victoria Police (CIB) Service recognised at the time of its inception the lack of security and investigation companies in the marketplace that offered commitment, with exceptional support and superior service, to their clients and stakeholders as a matter of course.

    Corporate Shadows, as a small boutique business, has through experience gone from strength to strength, gaining industry support behind it. Demonstrating realistic core values, we ensure that the highest quality personal service and value is delivered at all times, and without compromise. It is through this commitment that the business has grown beyond the city of Melbourne and now has both a metropolitan and regional industry presence.

    No longer just a family led business, the company has invested in its current employees and carefully recruited experienced operational members of the industry to meet the changing dynamics of the marketplace and our client’s & stakeholders needs

    Recently, Corporate Shadows has proudly achieved Silver Membership with the Australian Security Industries Association Limited, the countries peak body for driving Australian Standards at a Federal and State/Territory government level, developing Codes of Conduct and raising the level of professionalism within the industry. Corporate Shadows actively works towards protecting our membership that we pride ourselves upon and upholding the ASIAL Code of Conduct within our business practices at all times.


  • Our Formula for Success

  • Working diligently on duty without distraction is another work place integrity that is a standard part of our service. The use of Social Media, surfing the Internet and personal distractions such as phone calls are generally avoided to ensure we are actively honoring our clients working hours. Focusing on our responsibilities at all times is the showcase of our due diligence and commitment to service. 

    Abiding by best practice underpins our policies and procedures to ensure good integrity. We understand that neglecting workplace requirements (cutting corners) can lead to client distrust. Our guarantee to our clients is the trust we have in our staff that is sustained through ongoing (and at times invasive) management to ensure they will faithfully carry out their duties at all times.

    Respectful service for our clients (and their clients) demonstrates our desire for a healthy work relationship. Polite and appropriate interactions with our clients and respect for our client’s thoughts and wishes demonstrate our genuine interest to pursue team-centered work goals. Teamwork in our eyes is one of the corner stones of good integrity. 

    Moral and ethical behavior in our workplace is another reliable way we demonstrate our work ethic. Making sure there is no reason to question our capabilities is our best defense and we don’t over-promise what we can provide.  One of the best ways to prove we can provide an honest and dependable service is therefore though our realistic approach to servicing our client’s needs. By exhibiting responsible behavior at all times, we deny our clients and competitors alike the ability to question our good integrity.