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  • Mobile Patrol Services

  • Corporate Shadows has been undertaking mobile patrol services across Melbourne for the past 28 years and this service has been one of our company’s mainstay’s. We understand the importance of an effective mobile security function as an alternate, cost effective solution to a permanent static guard on premises which may financially preclude a business of the protection it deserves. In addition, genuine savings can be achieved through reduced insurance premiums when additional physical security is added to a business’s protection capabilities.   

    Our fully marked patrol vehicles are professionally designed to provide a high visibility profile that not only compliments our client’s businesses but acts as a deterrent when in and around those premises. We also provide and professionally install, free of charge printed (small, medium or large) core flute signage to deter would be offenders and highlight our commitment in protecting your business.

    To achieve those goals, our personnel are responsive, flexible and attentive to their duties and are supported by our 24-hour Mobile Duty Managers. Our vehicles are also designed to meet our patrol personnel’s safety requirements and are, but not limited to GPS tracking, which also provides peace of mind (accountability to our clients). 

    All of our Mobile Patrol Officers hold current qualifications and are appropriately licensed to work within the Security Industry and have undertaken specific training related to all of our client’s premises and specific needs (Site Orders). Our personnel are authorised to carry the necessary equipment to safely perform their rostered duties and can undertake, but not limited to: 

    • Lock up services for our clients to ensure that all their site specific requirements can be met without exposing their afterhours staff to potential safety concerns. This may include attending to internal doors, lighting, air conditioning and alarm arming through to external doors, windows, gates etc. Lock up services can provide peace of mind to our clients in particular with their insurance needs, 
    • Escort staff to their vehicles, public transport or safeguard delivery of goods and services,
    • Prioritized attendance due to an alarm activation to determine whether there are persons on premises (e.g. cleaners or criminal activity) or an accidental alarm activation and report or act accordingly e.g. assist staff on premises or assist police in apprehending offenders, securing crime scenes, premises etc.
    • Provide advice on unauthorised activities on premises during routine patrols that may include vehicle descriptions, persons loitering on or around premises, drug paraphernalia to attempted unlawful access, criminal activity etc.
    • Black out services where alarm panel back up batteries have or are expected to fail, and cash management issues warrant support to the client’s operations, 
    • Where detected, on site OH&S or maintenance issues are reported to the Duty Manager as part of the nightly security report to our clients. Where practical or operationally suitable, our experienced staff have and will rectify situations that they believe may hold our clients liable or may attract unwanted public scrutiny. Where appropriate, our personnel will act on our client’s behalf when necessary to protect the smooth running of their business, 
    • As with black out assistance, our personnel can also conduct welfare checks on personnel as required who are working late at night on their own, or in particular in remote settings were communication is difficult or has been lost. All of our staff have been trained in, and maintain their first aid training, and
    • A 24hr lock-out service to our client’s and their staff in particular after hours as a key holder for the business, and
    • Compliment Self-Managed CCTV alerting systems.

    With the increased accessibility to emerging technologies, small business is slowly replacing or substituting traditional alarm monitoring and CCTV installation services with their own self-managed (via mobile and/or desktop devices etc.) CCTV systems. These systems typically rely upon the subscriber (receiving the emails) actually being awake to receive the email in order to determine a potential security breach.   The ultimate question is, when a potential threat exists, who do you send in to potentially confront an intruder - an untrained staff member, yourself or a trained professional?


  • To assist you with making the right choices for your security needs, please don’t hesitate for a no obligation security assessment of your needs by one of our licensed Security Advisors.  Our professional and friendly staff can adapt our proven security methodologies to your business to achieve the very best site-specific tailored quotes. We will also show you how you can bundle a number of our services to give you more whilst gaining genuine cost savings and value for money.

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